How To Cook A Ham Bone For Stock

Frequently until tender and golden about 10 minutes. Thats why i always turn these into stock.

Leftover Hambone Soup

how to cook a ham bone for stock

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Weve been asked a few times over the years for ideas on what to do with this bonus leftover so here are five delicious ways to cook with it.

How to cook a ham bone for stock. If you dont have an immediate use for that ham bone save it and freeze it or use it to make a stock that you can freeze for later. A simple ham stock will enrich bean soups linguine and clam sauce or a pan sauce for pork chops. How to make ham stock.

There are times after christmas for example or after a party when you may well have a ham bone to spare. Delias ham bone stock recipe. Gently simmer ham bone with carrot celery onion parsley bay leaves peppercorns and water in a large pot for 2 hours.

You could do it in a pot on the stove top but if you have a slow cooker or crockpot why not let it do all the work for youset it and forget it. How to make homemade ham stock for most southern households major holidays mean ham and most often ham means a leftover ham bone. Dont throw out that ham bonecook it with a few vegetables and aromatics and a few hours later you have ham stock for your soup or to cook beans or lentils.

Ham bones make for a marvelously savory stock with a smoky flavor thats perfect as a base for sauces and soups like split pea soup. Its very simple to do and it provides an amazing boost of flavor for many of your favorite bean dishes and all kinds of soups. Add the bone i like leaving a.

Ham stock isnt a stock i keep on hand all the time but im loath to toss away scraps of food especially meaty ham bones. Dont miss the chance to make this stock which will give you a basis for making soup. A simple ham stock will enrich bean soups.

The best way to ham up your soup is to make a stock and use that to cook your beans or peas ricks ham stock. Add ham bone parsley. The quantity of meat youll have in your finished ham stock will vary depending on whether you use shanks or hocks.

If youre making a ham for the holidays or anytime dont throw away that bone before make a batch of ham stock. Let cool and strain discarding the solids. If you dont have a lot of time to cook with the ham bone or dont have any ingredients around to make a dish with it the least you can do is turn it into ham stock.

Although shanks from the butcher yield more meat they are not as widely.

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